Headquartered in San Diego, California, ARS, Inc. is a full-service, global resell and reverse logistics provider. Our focus is office technology including, but not limited to, imaging, medical, IT, wireless and electronic sectors. Our partners include major banks, manufacturers, leasing and Fortune 500 companies. ARS is well positioned to cover the entire US with four strategic return centers located in San Diego, CA, Charlotte, NC, Swedesboro, NJ, and Seattle, WA.

ARS offers its partners a full range of supply chain solutions for their office technology, medical, IT, wireless, and enterprise assets with an emphasis on data security, information privacy, integrated reporting, and value recovery. ARS is committed to working closely with its partners to ensure that their needs are met with the highest level of service.

Keys to Our Long-Term Success

  • Prioritizing customer relationships over single transactions

  • Creating a fast and simple customer experience

  • Providing world-class customer service and support

  • Operating with the highest level of integrity

  • Empowering our employees to take care of customers

  • Our Services

    • Buying, selling and trading pre-owned equipment
    • Pickup and Delivery of pre-owned equipment anywhere in the USA.
    • Reconditioning, Refurbishing, Recycling
    • Hard Drive cleaning and wiping
      HIPAA and DoD approved, certificate of compliance with each drive processed
    • Trade-In Quotes
    • Sourcing
      If we don’t have the specific model you need, we will source it for you