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Protect users and your information with impressive security technologies. With the Ricoh MP 401SPF, you can apply user authentication requirements to monitor who is performing specific tasks. Restrict access only to authorized employees

Take advantage of the embedded OCR option to insert invisible text or metadata on scanned images and simplify search and retrieval tasks. Use the ID Card Copy feature to scan two-sided documents (such as health insurance cards) on one side of a sheet of paper to reduce paper costs. Improve information distribution and collaboration by quickly scanning black-and-white or full-color originals. With Distributed Scan Management (DSM), administrators can create and assign scan processes and user rules centrally to simplify scanning for different groups of users.

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Inventory # 19251WA
Weight 50.6000
Location Seattle, WA
Auction Type Sealed Bid
Condition Notes Great Condition
Dimensions 16.5" x 16.8" x 19.0"
Manufacturer RICOH
Manufacturer RICOH
Meter Value 7045
Model Number MP 401SPF
Serial Number T605H600111

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Sealed Bid

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