Electronics Recycling

Generate revenue and save money on disposal with electronic recycling. We can recycle your computers, servers, TVs, printers, computer components, and other electronics.

Asset Recovery Specialists can help you make the environmentally responsible decision to recycle your unneeded electronics and computers. Services include: electronics removal, IT removal, intellectual property destruction, secure asset destruction, and e-waste disposal.

You will be able to drop-off or schedule a pickup (one-time or regular) with Asset Recovery Specialists. After a brief consultation, we will be able to better assess whether your assets should be resold, recycled, or environmentally disposed of. We can also assess potential for asset recovery revenue, based on this initial consultation.

With 4 warehouses across the United States and a proven track record of asset recovery, Asset Recovery Specialists can help you responsibly recycle your electronics and computers in the most beneficial and environmentally conscious way possible. Contact us for a brief consultation today!

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